Cloud monitoring

Get deep insights into the health and performance of your cloud computing resources. Analyze various system and infrastructure parameters to ensure optimum application performance and effective utilization of cloud resources.

Monitor your Hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Site24x7 offers a centralized approach to monitor your virtual infrastructure, on-premises IT environment, and cloud infrastructure–all on a single platform.

  • Monitor EC2 instances from two different perspectives – hypervisor level(CloudWatch) and OS level(Agent)
  • Collect performance metrics for AWS infrastructure components powering your application in the cloud.
  • Analyze virtual machine workloads and host resource utilization of your vSphere environment
  • Check status of your Docker containers.

Amazon Web Services

Monitor your AWS resources with CloudWatch.

Auto-discover and monitor the performance of various AWS resources in your application architecture. Gather and analyze metrics, baseline infrastructure performance, and maintain operational health for AWS services like EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, ELB, EBS and Lambda.

Monitor your entire AWS application stack.

Gather system-level metrics for EC2 instances with Site24x7's agent-based server monitoring. Use Site24x7's APM Insight agent to identify and troubleshoot performance bottlenecks for applications running on your AWS environment.

Our expanding support for AWS Services

Amazon ElastiCache logo

Amazon ElastiCache

For Hosting and Cloud Service Providers

Provide scalable Cloud infrastructure monitoring services across multiple customers.

MSP Plan

  • Multi tenant – Manage mutiple clients IT environment from a single console
  • User management - Ability to assign roles/permissions to customers
  • Out of-the-box reporting capabilities – Share SLAs and with your clients
  • White label branding – Use your own logo and brand assets.


Agent-based server monitoring and agentless monitoring for your virtual cloud infrastructure.

Auto-discover your vSphere environment and map all your virtual resources, from clusters and ESX/ESXi hosts to individual virtual machines, with vCenter APIs. Set individual thresholds for each performance counter and monitor every element of your virtual environment.

Microsoft Azure

Monitor your virtual machine with Site24x7's Azure VM extension.

Monitor Azure Windows and Linux VM workloads and analyze resource utilization and infrastructure health by measuring critical KPIs such as CPU, memory, storage, and network usage for all your virtual machines.

Troubleshoot Azure application performance.

Diagnose performance issues for applications running on your Azure environment with Site24x7's APM Insight .NET agent. Measure critical transactions across various Azure services, from storage to database, and identify bottlenecks to minimize application downtime.


Monitor your Docker container performance.

Get complete visibility into your Docker environment by installing Site24x7's Linux server monitoring agent on your host machine running the Docker daemon. From there, the agent will auto-discover your containers and help you monitor their performance, capture Docker host and container metrics to allocate host resources, and provision containers.


Monitor various sub systems in your application platform, gather custom metrics of Apache, NGINX, MySQL, PostgreSQL with Site24x7's out of the box plugins support. Every application stack is unique, if you can’t find what you are looking for, build your own plugin and collect the data you want, Site24x7 offers full flexibility.

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